Alissa Flash vs. Shantelle Taylor
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The extremely talented former TNA Knockout, Shantelle Taylor (Taylor Wilde) has decided to retire from the professional wrestling industry following her departure from TNA Wrestling last year. Ready to hang up her boots, she hopes to leave her mark on the industry by defeating fellow former TNA Knockout and one of the finest female wrestlers in North America, Alissa Flash. This match took place on Saturday, February 5th at John A. O’Connell High School in San Francisco.

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a very good match seening that it was a retirement match for taylor I rate it a five because both put there all in the match didn't like it when Melissa did hit her kudo driver but she will come up with a new move soon but overall I gave it a five better then a TNA Match and it up there with WWE match.
Terrific match. I had wanted to see this for a year and it was worth the wait. Loved seeing Alissa Flash working her magic as a heel, and Shantelle was great as well in her last match. Definitely a five-star bout.

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