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20 Jul 2010

Alissa Flash vs. Joey Spector 2

This is what everyone has been waiting for, Battle of the Sexes 2! Alissa Flash and Joey Spector put each other through hell in their first encounter, and this time they are looking to do even worse. There is much more than pride on the line this time as Joey Spector puts the RCW Championship on the line in this match up. Can Alissa do the unthinkable and become the new champ or will Spector show that he is the true man of RCW!


is there any way dat i can see matches for freee...common man plzz only dis one..
Hi John, This is a premium match and a portion of the proceeds go directly to the promotion and wrestlers. By purchasing this match, you will have the high quality version on your computer to watch at anytime and are also helping support independent wrestling!
nice match but camera work is real poor they have placed there cameras at very wrong places most of the time crowd is visible then wrestlers
yo mam yo yo!!!
ohh thats good
Alissa is impressive.

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