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1 Apr 2010

Alissa Flash vs. Joey Spector

This is the RCW Battle of the Sexes! Joey Spector and Alissa Flash have been going back and forth with the smack talk for weeks and now it finally comes down to this match, that everyone has been waiting for! Will Alissa be able to shut Joey Spector up for good or will the brash, young loudmouth back up what he's been say? This match is not one to be missed!


nice match but camera work is real poor they have placed there cameras at very wrong places most of the time crowd is visible then wrestlers
Joey Spector is not strong enough to beat Melissa. I wish could wrestle with this woman i would have thought her a lesson. I want to throw a challenge to meet Alissa and my email is ...emmsante@gmail.com...
Iam fight with alisha flash

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