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6 Mar 2010

Angelina Love vs. Sassy Stephie

TNA Knockout Angelina Love takes on Sassy Stephie in this singles match. Stephie is out to make a name for her self and what better way then to score a pin fall over the former Knockout Champion. Can she do it? Or will Angelina come up with the victory?


Terrific! I have seen this match, and it is excellent! The gals don't get crazy - there's a lot of matwork and a slow build to some nice intensity in the final minutes. Very impressive and definitely to be recommended.
Get this match! I saw this live and have it on DVD. They didn't go crazy killing eachother, like a lot of women's wrestling seems to be. They also know how to wrestle and put on an awesome match. This was the opening match of the WSU but was one that I could never forget. Angelina and Sassy Steph put on a clinic and this match is definitely will worth it.

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