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30 Jan 2010

Alissa Flash vs. Lady Apache

ChickFight, ChickFight On the Road
Chickfight brings you this PWR Women's Championship Match! Alissa Flash takes on international star Lady Apache to crown the first ever women's champion in Pro Wrestling Revolution! This is a great match featuring two of the top women in the industry battling it out to make history, which one will walk away with the gold?


Nice costume on Alyssa Flash there...Super stiff body-drop at the end of the clip. This one loox like a winner <a href="http://www.women-wrestling.org">women wrestling</a>
Alissa/Melissa is sooo talented and gorgeous. TNA should have done whatever they had to sweeten the deal to keep her around. They really dropped the ball letting a treasure like Alissa get away.
Great fight. Alissa is as talented as she is gorgeous. Gonna miss seeing her every week on TNA. :(
WOW. Melissa/Alissa is fantastic and gorgeous, with a suit that is just as amazing. Great stiff work!
Great match, awesome finisher...rematch needed !
Oh, Lady Apache! The greatest wrestler in all the history!!! She's an awesome person and wrestler!
great match and back and forth had me on the edge of my seat I'm glad I bought this match!!
Lady Apache was great in this match. Nice ring attire on Flash.
i love womens wrestling watch nwa anarchy.net every week

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