Hijo de Rey Misterio & Super Crazy vs. Vaquero Fantasma & Incognito
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Pro Wrestling Revolution presents to you a tag team lucha libre all star match! On one side of the ring you have Vaquero Fantasma and Incognito. On the other side of the ring you have Hijo de Rey Misterio and the "Extreme Luchador" Super Crazy! You can always expect that when Super Crazy is in the match that the action is going to be taken to the extreme, and this match does not disappoint. Will he lead his team to victory, or will Vaquero Fantasma & Incognito steal the win?

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thu peqke
mi amor: thas bien pero bien golpeado juju bno (eso diwo io tio) qkieo saber kuanta toneladas the calleron ensima the amo terrikola the extrañamos mazivamenthe juju estas vivo despues de qk ese ser humaNo the callo ensima ???? jujuuuju

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