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5 Sep 2009

She Nay Nay vs. Addy Starr

NCW Femmes Fatales, NCW Femmes Fatales Vol. 1
These two young talents are showing that they are some of what Canada has to offer on the indy scene with this intense singles match. Addy Starr is out to show that she is the next big thing to hit the ring, which She Nay Nay shows Starr that she is no push over. This is a close one to call thats for sure.


good match
More She Nay Nay please.
She Nay Nay is the best female heel in the business.
We need more matches from She Nay Nay. She is by far a very very well Entertaining Heel. This is my first time writing to clickwrestle. Please obtain more of She Nay Nay Matches.

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