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22 Aug 2009

Mercedes Martinez vs. Nikki Roxx

WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez puts the title on the line against Nikki Roxx. This match is a very long and intense battle which proves why Martinez is the champion, and Roxx deserves to be the number one contender to the title. Neither woman holds anything back and they fight it out to see who is the better competitor.


Absolutely wonderful match. A big challenge to keep up the interest over nearly 30 minutes of wrestling, but these two brilliant wrestlers managed it by putting on a really back-and-forth bout with a huge variety of holds (most of which lesser wrestlers would have submitted from there and then), spiced up by barrages of down-to-earth forearms and well-judged boots to the gut. Nikki Roxx, in particular, looks absolutely superb physically, in a lovely costume; the camera work is first-class and the commentary much less brainless and banal than usual.

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