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2 May 2009

Tenille and Rayna Von Tash vs. Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka

Shimmer Women, SHIMMER Vol. 24
This really is a fight between students and teachers, with the first ever graduate of Daizee Haze, Rayna Von Tash teaming with Lance Storm's second graduate, Tenille. They happen to be taking on "The Experience" Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka. These two ring veterans are looking to show these students a few lessons and advance their standings in the tag division.


Tenille did great !! I would love to see more of her work and for her debut match Rayna did good as well, she's extremely hot (I love redheads) and with more practice honestly I see her in either TNA or WWE.
Hey could you guys post Daizee Haze vs. Rayna Von Tash and Tenille vs. Rain from Vol. 26 ? I would love to buy both.

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