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6 Jun 2009

Lena Yada vs. Christina Von Eerie

ChickFight presents this contest pitting Lena Yada against Christina Von Eerie. The beautiful Lena Yada has the fans solidly behind her in this match up, while Christina Von Eerie has a definite chip on her shoulder and receives a chorus of boos from the live crowd. Will Yada score the win and send the fans home happy, or will the villainous Von Eerie come out of this match victorious?


Ahh I am so excited to see this match!!! Can't wait until I get home to watch it. Go Lena!!!
Awesome ...lena looks great!
Awesome! Can't wait to see the match...Lena looks great!
I saw this match and I was extremely proud of Lena she did well at bumping, selling, and her offense so kudos to Lena !!!
Great match, nicely character driven something the crowd and viewer can feel involved in - WWE take note!

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