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28 Mar 2009

Raisha Saeed vs. Christie Ricci

Santa Maria, California plays host to another exciting ChickFight match up. This is the big rematch between Christie Ricci and Raisha Saeed! These two last met in the ring one month earlier in King City, CA. Raisha pulled off the victory, but it was not without an assist from her young protege, Fatina Ala Hassan. Ricci demanded this return match, promising she would pull off the win this time. Saeed will once again have Fatina at ringside, so the deck will still be stacked in her favor. Will Christie Ricci be able to overcome the odds and even the score?


Outstanding match with two highly skilled women. Most rematches fail to equal the initial encounter but this one breaks the rule. Saeed can be very vicious at times which in the end tilts the balance. t c taylor
superb match. if there's anyone sexier than Christie please point me in her direction.
Wow Christie got her ass handed to her at times by the Muslim terrorist....

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