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Miss April & Brooke Carter vs. Roxie Cotton & Rick Cataldo

"I felt a great deal of internal conflict when the Beatdown Betties entered the ring, because I love Roxxie Cotton so much and I hate Rick Cataldo so much. Annie Social was nowhere to be found. Cataldo has decided to wrestle barefoot, making him ten times more irritating than before. Ref Hanson & Missy Hyatt compared him to Kevin von Erich. Brooke Carter & Miss April recently won the WSU Tag Team titles at a WSU-NWS joint show. They are still way too green to be champions, but hopefully they will be able to live up the potential everybody (including me) sees in them. I have had the pleasure of corresponding by email with both April and Brooke and they are both incredibly sweet and humble. Let's hope they stay that way! Now if I could just get the 80's diva Roxxie to email me, I'd be a happy camper. Ref Hanson was drooling over Cataldo on commentary, claiming their relationship was "strictly business."

- Credit: Online World Of Wrestling

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