Traci Brooks vs. Annie Social
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This match up features one of TNA's longest reigning female stars, Traci Brooks, taking on one half of the WSU Tag Team Champions, Annie Social. Brooks is definitely going to have her hands full in this one, because The Beatdown Betties (Roxxi Cotton and Annie Social) always stick together. You can bet Cotton will not stay neutral at ringside. Would Traci Brooks overcome the odds and pull off the big win?

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Well gents, here we have two of the most proficient and bewitching ladies to ever have stepped into a wrestling ring but again in WSU fashion they pull-off the impossible or what Edsel did to the Ford Motor Company. The 15:12 runtime is condensed to about 5:00 of real wrestling with a good proportion of monologue and an equal degree of the Rick Cataldo senselessness! Somehow, I just don't see the point of that if you want to sell the material, and Traci and Annie are for sure sellable, what's the point of this? But when you go down the moron road, I wonder how much a fan can take! Please, lose the loony stuff and give us what we so wish to see WSU! I give this 4 stars, not because of the action but because Annie and Traci look so damn hot! Beyond that, beware!

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