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Roxie Cotton and Annie Social vs. Amy Lee and Missy Sampson

WSU brings to you this tag team contest pitting the team of Missy Sampson and Amy Lee against Little Jeanne and Lea Morrison. This is the finals from the tournament to crown the first ever WSU Tag Team Champions!

"After a brief intermission, Alere Little Feather lead the Mother Truckers back to the ring for the tournament finale with the Beatdown Betties. The storyline sort of came full circle, as it was Amy Lee who kicked Beatdown Bettie member Rick Cataldo out of WSU. I don’t think anybody in the building thought the Betties had a chance in hell of surviving a match with this pair of bonafied monsters. Roxie & Annie immediately went after Amy Lee before realizing their offense had no effect. Amy Lee did the CLAW on Roxie’s crotch, and that’s where I draw the line! If I was there, I would probably be the mark that jumps in the ring to save his sweetie from physical harm. Finally Roxxie got the hot tag, and it was Annie Social’s turn to take a beating - but from Missy Sampson. Roxie tagged back in and put Missy in the Crippler Crossface. My Roxie sure can wrestle!" - Credit: Online World Of Wrestling

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