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Missy Sampson and Amy Lee vs. Angel Orsini and Little Jeanne

WSU brings to you this tag team contest pitting the team of Missy Sampson and Amy Lee against Angel Orsini and Little Jeanne. This is a second round match from the tournament to crown the first ever WSU Tag Team Champions! Alere Little Feather escorted Primetime Amy Lee & Missy Sampson to the ring slapping hands with lucky ringsiders. Little Jeannie teamed with Lea Morrison in the first round in a losing effort to Amy Lee & Missy Sampson, and now she had a chance to extract a little revenge with a better tag partner. Amy Lee did the CLAW on WSU champion Angel Orsini’s crotch, and then did the “PU You Stink” signal. Amy Lee is one classy bitch. The fight got hostile and spilled out of the ring and into the nether regions of the building.

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