Bad Bones and Shadow vs. Steve Allison and Mickie Knuckles
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Westside Xtreme Wrestling brings you this intergender tag team match between Bad Bones & Shadow taking on Steve Allison & Mickie Knuckles

This is a VERY rare intergender tag match in wXw as there have only been two in the last ten years. Bad Bones, Tommy End and Steve Douglas (w/ Shadow) have been feuding with Steve Allison forever after taking Allisons partner out of the business. Tommy End finally maned up and decided to take a stand against the rulebreakers. Now in the first round Tommy has eliminated Bad Bones while Steve Douglas took care of Allison. The two losers each got themselves a girl and are ready to do battle

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For fans of really rough intergender battles, this should be quite a treat. Female "Shadow" is very much in the background, though far from useless when she does get into the ring, and most of the wrestling is between Steve Allison, Mickie Knuckles and the muscular rulebreaker "Bad Bones". And it is pretty hard-hitting. You don't see many intergender bouts like this, and I loved it !!!

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