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The Thrillbilly vs. Tyrone Evans

One of the most brutal feuds in AIW history, The Thrillbilly a huge barroom style brawler was match against the MMA styling of Tyrone Evans. Tyrone injured The Thrillbilly and for the first time in Thrill's entire career, he was put on the shelf. With revenge on his mind, Thrillbilly returned with a vengeance and demanded a match only seen in wresting once before. Walk Thru Hell is a match where there are no holds barred, and for the first 6:66, no victories can take place and all of the managers at ringside must be handcuffed. During the course of the match, nobody at ringside and no ringside chair was safe. Even weapons such as a sledge hammer and barbed wire were used! Although, he later went on to WWE, Tyrone Evans likely took years off of his career with this match up.

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