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Raymond Rowe vs. Sterling James Keenan vs. The Deviant vs. Matt Morgan

Three of AIW's biggest stars at time were having a three-way feud over The Absolute Title. Raymond Rowe who was Absolute Champ, kept the title using his street gang. Hutter, who's now under WWE contract, was a former Absolute Champ and wanted his title back. And also in the mix was Internationally known Sterling James Keenan who along side of a lovely lady wanted to attempt to capture the title for the first time. But standing in their way was a man many people have claimed to be the "blueprint" of a pro wrestler, over seven feet tall, Matt Morgan. Morgan who has been in both WWE and TNA came to AIW with one goal in mind, The Absolute Title. Will he be able to capture the title and beat three other men? Or will one of the AIW talent be able to crack the code and break the blueprint?

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