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31 Mar 2007

Jake Roberts vs. JRocc

Absolute Intense Wrestling
When AIW announced a show in Detroit, Michigan the weekend of Wrestlemania 23, they wanted to find somebody from Wrestlemania 3 to honor the history of the event. Jake "The Snake" Roberts was the man chosen, and the legendary if not infamous superstar was matched against AIW's resident loud mouth, JRocc. JRocc who was a local wrestler who multiple times was blackballed from pro wrestling, snuck into AIW using crafty methods and proved to be the cancer that many believed him to be. Jake "The Snake" felt it was his job on this night to shut up the "Wanna-be" legend and prove that he still had it even twenty years after his peak. In a match that lead to many of the moments you've recently seen in the national news, this match is truly "ripped from the headlines".
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