Amazing Kong vs. Rachel Summerlyn
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SHIMMER Women Athletes proudly presents to you this singles contest between Rachel Summerlyn and Amazing Kong! These are two of the biggest, hardest-hitting, women in professional wrestling. When these two lock up, someone is going down, and they're gonna fall HARD! Who will come out victorious in this brutal match up?

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Why would SHIMMER even think about bring of hiring Rachel Summerlyn? Shes an overweight joke of a wrestler who just wants to ride her Grandfather Ivan Putski's legacy. She is only big in ANARCHY CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING because her Husband runs the fed. If shes soo successful how come when you ask about her people say who? Please do NOT waste your money gettng this match!!
Overweight? Go back to shagging flat chested women that looklike 15 year old boys, you dumbarse. She wrestles better than lots of people, you included, moron.
You should watch your mouth Anonymous. I bet Rachel could kick your @$$. You are a jerk. This is about wrestling NOT modeling. Oh, and even if it was Rachel Summerlyn is beautiful, and you could never get her! Whats wrong, jealous?
I agree with anonymous. Look at how awful she is running the ropes in the video. she can't compete with people on the level with Kong. She has no technique at all.
Rachel is a fraud of a wrestler besides the fact she is fat she is a terrible worker. she is so bad even kelly kelly would out class her

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