Sara Del Rey vs. Serena Deeb
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Shimmer Women Athletes proudly brings to you this singles contest between Sara Del Rey and Serena Deeb. These two ladies have been developing quite the rivalry lately. This match is the main event of SHIMMER Volume 22. Del Rey has consistently gotten the best of Deeb in previous encounters, so Serena Deeb desperately wants to score the win this time around. It will be no easy task though, as Sara Del Rey is one of the most dominant females in professional wrestling today. Will this finally be Deeb's night to defeat "The Death Rey?"

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Spotlight on Serena Deeb-Intense Wrestling Display.Serena showed great energy,determination and emotion which helped make for a very exciting match with Sara Del Rey.I thought Del Rey was even more aggressive with Deeb than with past opponents-if thats possible.Watch those quick and explosive jab punches thrown by Deeb-for Del Rey all the damage done to the body parts of Deeb.Del Rey is a master at dishing out punishment.Just a small sample from an eye opening confrontation-excellent match.

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