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22 Mar 2008

Becky Bayless vs. Dawn Marie

Becky Bayless strutted to the ring shaking her sweet money-maker to the tune of “you want a piece of me,” by Britney Spears. The answer to that question is, YES, I want a piece of you Miss Bayless. Commissioner Tammy Sytch, at one point known as Sunny in the WWF, came out to act as ring announcer and introduce Becky’s opponent - former ECW/WWE Diva Dawn Marie! Dawn has added a little junk to her trunk since the last time we saw her, but she is still as beautiful and vivacious as ever. Dawn was never known as a wrestler, but she could definitely teach a thing or two to the new generation of “divas.” Sytch and Bytch (Dawn’'s original ECW name) were adored by the fans, but seemed to be playing the heel role.


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