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22 Mar 2003

Chad Collyer and Cheerleader Melissa vs. Bobby Quance and Sara Del Rey

All Pro Wrestling, Gym Wars 03.22.03
When it comes to main events, All Pro Wrestling know how to dish them out! APW presents Chad Collyer and Cheerleader Melissa versus Bobby Quance and Nikki in a 2 out of 3 falls tag match.


Women in this match are well versed. In fact at the start Melissa takes on Quance and really does a number on him. And Nikki shuns Collyers gesture to tag out to the male wrestler and instead works him over good. Even brazenly suggest he tag out to his female partner Melissa. Melissa's and Nikki's muscular bodies make it believable that they could wrestle with the men. Even the tests of strength between the sexes are fun and the fans get into it ribbing the guys about losing to "girls". Great match.

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