Cheerleader Melissa vs. Christie Ricci
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Semi Final Match: Here we go! This was a match fans have been looking forward to for a long time. The Future Legend, Melissa, versus the "Well Rounded" Christie Ricci in the semi-finals of the ChickFight tournament. Melissa made easy work of Nene Kimura in the opening round. Ricci had a bit of a tougher time defeating Tiffany. Now they would face off in the middle of the ring to find out who is the better wrestler. This match is over 20 minutes long and a thrill from the opening bell!

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Anonymous (not verified)
Whether she goes by the name Raisha Saeed or Cheerleader Melissa, she completely owns the talented Christie Ricci. Of their 3 clashes this is by far the best ones because for a time it appears Ms Ricci may pull it out. But in the end Melissa/Saeed triumphs because of one simple fact: her brutality is too much for the clean wrestling image Ms Ricci tries invoke. What she does to Ms Ricci's legs in this encounter will have you riveted and cringing. tctaylor

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