Christie Ricci vs. Amber O'Neal
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Shimmer brings you another fantastic women's contest pitting Team Blondage's Amber O'Neal against the Mississippi Queen Christie Ricci.

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thayer c taylor
Why isn't Christie Ricci being used? She was in Vol 1 & 2 but not since then. She is the most awesome combo of beauty, brains and brawn on the mats today. By ignoring her, Shimmer runs the risk of looking out of date, out of the mainstream, and not being with it.
Christie Ricci has had many commitment conflicts with various promotions due to her educational persuits. She has taken long breaks from the ring in the past. As for Shimmer; this same question was asked on their forums and Dave Prazak responded by saying that Shimmer no longer works with Ricci. That was the only thing he said on about it. It seems that she has disappeared from the indy circuit all together. I too am a big fan of hers and would like to see her get back into active wrestling instead of the silly custom stuff she does for her website.
SHE IS OUT HERE IN CALIFORNIA, WRESTLING FOR PRIVATE COMPANIES, seems like she 'fell in love' w/some dude and they are out to 'change the world of wrestling...good luck' LOL

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