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Lorelei Lee vs. Malia Hosaka
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Shimmer Women Athletes presents a special match between two women making their Shimmer debuts. Killer Kowalski trainee and traveled ring veteran Malia Hosaka takes on"Country Girl"Lorelei Lee.
It was clear as soon as she walked out to the ring Hosaka couldn't care less about the Shimmer fans and just wanted to destroy Lorelei Lee's pretty face. It was also very evident early on that Hosaka would do what ever it took to pull out a victory, even cheat. Hosaka dominated the most of the match and just continued to punish Lee who just couldn't catch a break.

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I love Heel Malia! She's nasty, she's vicious, she's loud, and she's pure evil. Lorelei Lee is also spectacular. I still recall seeing her on Impact back in 2009 and loving what I was seeing. This match was absolutely golden, all because of the talented ladies involved.

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