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3 Jun 2006

Christian Cage vs. AJ Styles

The main event of the show is probably one of the biggest matches to hit the Jersey Shore in years. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage will go one on one with somebody his never wrestled yet, and that man is the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Also to note, we have just gotten word that this match will have NO TIME LIMIT. There WILL be a winner in this one. Will there be a Styles Clash on June 3rd and an improbable victory for AJ, or will experience pan out and will Christian Cage walk out of Toms River holding his head high?


wow christian you are so slow but thats why i love you so much. That was just plain stupid. Your beating yourself up aj styles was suppost to do that. but over all a great match my rating 5 stars good job christian i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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