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14 Jan 2007

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sweet Saraya

ChickFight, ChickFight VII
Quarterfinals: All four of the quarter finals of the tournament had a US vs UK theme, and the fact that they matched these two up not only in the first round but also in the first match of the night blew my mind. Saraya has long been considered the standard bearer for women's wrestling in the UK, and rightfully so. While Nikita may have leapfrogged her to get a US booking for SHIMMER and eventually a WWE contract, few would deny that this seventeen year veteran still knows every trick in the book.


I remember seeing 17-year veteran Sweet Saraya for the first time on a Queens of Chaos DVD and immediately recommending her to ChickFight owner Jason Deadrich. They referred to Saraya as a legend of British wrestling, but she was up against the "Future Legend" Cheerleader Melissa. They are both current legends in my books. I can't remember Melissa ever getting stretched so badly by a single opponent as she was by the determined Saraya. My only complaint is that Saraya has abandoned her fiery red hair, which was one her most unique assets (in my opinion). As usual, ChickFight opened with a highly competitive grueling match that really got the fans fired up. Things got extra heated when Saraya flipped over the top rope getting her head stuck between the ropes (Mick Foley-style). The referee, security, a couple of local female wrestlers, and Ricky Knight (Saraya's husband) tried to free her from the ropes, while Melissa callously tried to break through so she could further punish her squirming opponent. Saraya and Melissa had struck up a pretty intense feud throughout the UK around the time of this show, and this match acted like a can of gasoline on an out of control wildfire. Saraya was finally released from the grip of the unforgiving ring ropes, while Melissa grappled fiercely with a tag team known as the Norfolk Dolls (picture two Talia Madisons and then clean up all your drool). Saraya was "hurt badly" as her husband and daughter, Britney (one of the Norfolk Dolls), tended to her as she was carried backstage. by Brad Dykens @ Online World of Wrestling http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/information/dvds/chickfight-7.html

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