Cheerleader Melissa vs. Daizee Haze vs. Allison Danger
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For the first time in ChickFight history, the tournament featured a triple threat match between three hard-hitting female fighters. While Allison Danger had a relatively easy first round match (against Frankie), Melissa and The Haze went through thirty-five minutes of hell. Melissa and Daizee figured out that their best choice would be to gang up on Allison at the beginning of the match to make it an even playing field. The battle once again spilled out of the ring and into the stands, then the concession area, and out the door into the parking lot. Melissa ended up being thrown into the bushes – which only served to irritate the angry Cheerleader! They found their way back into the building, followed by the legion of fans that had filed out the door to keep track of the action.

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Best 3-Way match that I've ever seen!!!

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