Daizee Haze vs. Amazing Kong
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Amazing Kong continued her path of destruction through the SHIMMER locker-room with a match against Woodstock flower child Daizee Haze. The fans were already worried for the Haze's health and well-being before the match even got started. Kong has this strange ability to put her opponent over by beating the living crap out of them. The opponent somehow absorbs the punishment and keeps passionately fighting back.

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I think she would be in the W.W.E. with joining forces with both Gail Kim ( even though they used to be enimies before ) and Micki James as their formal body guard or enforcer during at this year's annual live pay per view event " The World Wrestling Entertainment Summer Slam " in which it will be held on Sunday August 23, 2009 against both Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall match . In which at this very moment the match will take place inside a 10ft. steel cage called " HELL N CELL Torture Chambor I Quit " match . The Rules of this is very simple inorder to get inside the cage you must climb over it while touching both feet onto the floor or through the doorway enterance. And whoever wins will declared as the winner of the entire match and the loser shall leave the entire arena forever . Or despite there will be an enforcer ( Awesome Kong ) shall do whatever it takes making sure if she tries to dare stepping inside the ring shall be destroyed as her latest " victim " . I think she will do whatever it takes to make sure that these two ladies by the names of Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall will no longer be stepping inside the ring ever . Cause when you see Awesome Kong be aware to be scare by her total awesomeness moves ever inside the ring during at this year's annual spectacular live pay per view event on Sunday August 23, 2009 at " World Wrestling Entertainment's Summer Slam " .

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