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7 Apr 2007

Allison Danger vs. Cindy Rogers

Shimmer Women, SHIMMER Vol. 10
This was a grudge match between SHIMMER ambassador Allison Danger and the cocky heel phenom, Cindy Rogers. Allison Danger stole Brian Kendrick and Paul London's creepy theater mask gimmick - I'm sure she picked it up somewhere in Japan. It was a great technical bout.


This was a terrific bout between two immensely talented women. Allison Danger is an absolute phenom; plus I love her attire in this match, which shows her love for both the U.S. and her native Canada. Cindy Rogers is a spectacular and badass villain. I loved her heel turn on Allison in their tag match, and I loved her viciousness in this match. Plus she looked great in her leather jacket, which screams "heel turn."

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