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2 Jun 2007

Sara Del Rey vs. Sarah Stock

Shimmer Women, SHIMMER Vol. 12
I got my first taste of fellow Canadian Sarah Stock when she debuted on SHIMMER Volume 11, and was so impressed by her superior skills that I declared that she was now tied with Sara Del Rey as my favorite woman's wrestler. So not only were Stock and Del Rey competing for a coveted spot in the finals, but perhaps more importantly fighting for my unconditional love and support (hilarious sarcasm). I enjoyed this match so much that I watched it twice, and I'll probably watch it again later. The Dark Angel (Stock) is the first opponent to really match up evenly with the American Angel (Del Rey).


I downloaded this match from ClickWrestle.There is an old saying that seeing is believing and watching this type of match over and over again sure fits that description.I am more into classical and traditional wrestling styles and in the beginning of this match Stock's agility reminded me somewhat of Edouard Carpentier(one of my all time favorites)-a scientific wrestler who could do Somersaults off the top rope,Cartwheels,etc.-first AWA champ.Also I noticed Del Rey doing a Back Senton more than once in this match-Carpentier would do a Flying Senton in his matches.Some wrestling skills from Stock I liked was using her feet on Del Rey,also doing damage to her legs,and a facebuster to Del Rey.Some wrestling skills from Del Rey I liked was the combination moves on Stock,a seated version of the Abdominal Stretch,and also a Powerbomb.After the Moonsault by Del Rey this match really went into high gear-what a climax!As to the Royal Butterfly being the sexiest finisher in women's wrestling-I would have to agree with that especially performing it on Stock-one gorgeous looking lady wrestler.For me I like her upper back and shoulders the most.Seeing her for the first time in a match,I also noticed she has a very youthful appearance(to me)with her hair back sometimes seeing more of her face.If she were to cut her hair shoulder length I think it would bring out that type of appearance.I thought this match was awesome.
I didn't download this from anywhere because I was at the show for the match but I can tell you with absolute certainty that this match would easily be placed into the running for one of the best FvF matches ever. Sarah Stock is my favorite female wrestler and has been for a while but Sara Del Rey is a close second so getting to see this match especially live was too awesome to accurately describe. If you haven't seen it yet...watch it...you are committing an injustice on yourself.

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