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28 May 2005

Tiffany vs. James Watkins

All Pro Wrestling, Gym Wars 05.28.05
The "Princess of Power", Tiffany found herself in a match with the brutal James Watkins at APW's Gym Wars. Watkins has been on a mean streak since losing the heavyweight title and used this match to show APW fans just how vicious he can be. Tiffany showed guts and proved that she would back down from no man, but never stood a chance in this one. Only watch if you can handle seeing the lovely Tiffany take quite a beating. The women of APW are tough and this match proved it.


Misleading description. It says clearly in it that Tiffany never stood a change, i.e. that she lost. Yet she actually wins this match in a stupid and improbable manner so typical for all those femdom bullshit clips. It is as if the makers of that vid wanted to show a hot woman getting beat up, but were ashamed of their work or afraid of feminists and political correctness fanatics, and didn't have the balls to really show her defeated. Lame and half-assed.

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