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APW Garage Rumble 2005

All Pro Wrestling presents Garage Rumble II! Over 40 participants entered, making this the largest Battle Royal in APW history. Here is a list of some of the wrestlers involved. Ballard Brothers, Billy Blade, Boyce Le Grande, Cheerleader Melissa, Chicano Flame, Chris Colione, Chris Ward, Dana Lee, Derek Sanders, Frankie Kazrian, James Watkins, Jason C. Clay, JJ Perez, JT Hyatt, Kadin, Kafu, Killer J Mathias, Lance Chandler, Larry Blackwell, Nathan Rulez, Robert Thompson, Ric Turner, Thor, Tommy Angels, Vennis De Marco, Vic Grimes, Loose Cannon, Lil Cholo, Mike Mennace, Shawn Pulver, Kid Omega, Tommy Tanaka, Drunken Irishman, Danny Draven, Sexy Chino, Legacy, Brady A. Desire, Fredo, Tecniq

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