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21 Apr 2007

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Diego Latino

Although Cheerleader Melissa is a force to be reckoned with, this may be one of the few squash matches she has had against a male. It seems Diego Latino from Germany must not have known what he was getting himself into, looking to party with Melissa rather than wrestle. Melissa, not flattered in the slightest, proceeds to just kick his face in, exclaiming "Germany, this is all you have to offer?"


Not exactly the best match in the world. Too short of a match. However, Melissa is in the match, which makes it more than worth watching. I'm sure that Diego learned a wrestling lesson in this match.
Cheerleader Melissa is known for being in some amazing inter-gender matches. If you want to see her really take it to a guy, I recommend this match. Melissa was not in a good mood that night and her opponent was sadly on the receiving end. http://www.clickwrestle.com/content/calum-macbeth-vs-melissa
Why is it that male wrestlers allow Melissa to whip them? Although, i'm not a wrestler but a sportsman i will not alloy Cheerleader to whip me. I want to throw a challenge...my email is ..emmsante@gmail.com...

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