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Rain vs. Mickie Knuckles vs. Daizee Haze

Rain gets a $1 from a fan. I’d pay $4 at least. Mickie and Rain had a No DQ match the night before where they fought in the ladies’ room. Well that’s one way to bypass the line. ZING! Rain makes fun of the Bryce Remsberg’s hair. Daizee Haze is a former IWA champ. And she carries a sunflower to the ring. The IWA and NWA Midwest Women’s Titles have split by this point. They’re using the good ring this time. Decent reaction for Mickie. No belt for Mickie because Ed Chuman took the old one away. What a meanie. Rain sends a fan to wrestle for her. Hahaha. What a heel. Must tag in and out on this one. Haze and Mickie start with a Kuncklelock…no, they start PADDYCAKING!

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