Drake Younger and Ian Rotten vs. Diehard Dustin Lee and Vortekz
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All four men come out swingin'in the first match in the opening round of the 2006 Double Death Tag Team Tournament. The reason that the tournament is called that is because both members of either team must be pinned in order for one team to emerge victorious. Being in the ring with a hardcore master like Rotten would intimidate most men, but Dustin Lee and Vortekz show no mercy and gain the upper hand early. Watch for the double stomp from the top of the cage, and try and keep up with the number of headbutts that Rotten throws in this sick match.

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Wow, this looks nuts! Get more Diehard matches! The kid is the new Sabu but more talented with his music and art. I made him in Smackdown vs Raw and his Naptown Dragons! Hes Intercontinental Champ!

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