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23 Jun 2005

Lacey vs. Talia Madison

RF Direct
RF Direct presents a match featuring Lacey versus Talia! (Warning! This match is not suitable for children; it contains Lewd Content and Foul Language!) Lacey is a wrestler with a huge chip on her shoulder! This Diva brings quite the attitude with her to the ring. During this match she isn't just aiming it at her opponent, Talia, but also at the fans! Watch as Lacey tussles with Talia and then has a little "Spat" with a few of the fans!
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Price: $2.49


I ordered this video because it features two of my favorites, Lovely Lacey and Talia Madison. They did a great job as always in the ring. Unfortunately, two or three disgusting, loud and obviously JEALOUS slobs at ringside were yelling stupid comments through the whole match, which was a tad distracting. I was hoping that Lacey and Talia would pause the match just long enough to beat the crap out of those belligerent, disrespectful tools. However, they didn't because they're professionals and unfortunately probably have to deal with this sort of thing from time to time. They didn't let them ruin the match, but it kinda spoiled it for me (a bit). What should have been a perfect 5 is now a 4.

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