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Sara Del Rey and Nikki Roxx vs. Rain and Lacey

The man-hating Rain and Lacey wore matching outfits with custom made white tank-tops with their names printed artfully on the front. They both removed their tops, revealing their delicious rock-hard abs. I wrote that only because when they read it they will roll their gorgeous eyes at me. SHIMMER champion Sara Del Rey led her partner Nikki Roxx to the ring, fending off any evil-doers with her plastic “death rey” toy gun. This match was booked after the shenanigans that went down during the finals of the SHIMMER title tournament. It was Del Rey vs. Lacey, but when Rain started interfering on Lacey’s behalf, the powerful Nikki Roxx hit the scene and hastily took care of the illegal “Home-wrecker” interference. The Minnesota Home-wrecking Crew are extremely unified as a team, whereas Del Rey and Roxx may not be all that familiar with each other. Del Rey has to be aware that Roxx, like everyone on the SHIMMER roster, is gunning for the SHIMMER championship. I thought for sure that the Roxx and Del Rey combination would crumble at the first sign of trouble. I was wrong.

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