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17 May 2008

Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif

ChickFight, ChickFight On the Road
This was a really stiff hardcore match from ChickFight featured on a Pro Wrestling Revolution show. Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif have a long history together as fierce tag partners and brutal enemies fighting each other around the globe. MsChif has just come off her win of the Shimmer Championship and the NWA World Woman's Champion and Cheerleader Melissa is looking for a piece of it in this falls count anywhere NWA title match.


and top notch camera work
Of all the Melissa / MsChif battles, this has to be considered one of the best. These girls destroyed each other and fought all over and outside the building. A must see!
Melissa & Ms. Chif always deliver great matches and this one is no exception. Their chemistry is some of the best in all of wrestling. And that's why they are two of the best in the entire universe.
Mschif and Melissa aren't 2 of the best, THEY ARE THE 2 BEST ( Del rey is the 3rd best in my opinion). and i think Melissa is SLITLY Better than Mschif
that was the most brutal match i've ever seen. i hope they finally settelled their differences since then. thank you. william ames farrell-girl wrestling fan.
This was an unbelievable match, you can really see the hatred and desire to win on the two women's faces. I want to see a rematch soon! Have these fighters considered joining <a href="http://www.fighters.com">MMA</a>? The women's leagues are in need of some legit credit, as the only girls who tend to commit are just glorified actors and models.

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