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Allison Danger and Sara Del Rey vs. Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif

The systematic development of the SHIMMER tag team division continues with a very high profile tag team main event. All four of these girls are adored and respected by the fans, but that didn’t mean there was any lack of heat – especially when long-time rivals Cheerleader Melissa and Sara Del Rey were grappling in the ring. I’m just waiting for Allison Danger to “pull a Paul Orndorff” and turn on her partner so she can go after the SHIMIMER championship. That did not happen. The closing moments of the match were very intense. Del Rey reversed the Code-Red from MsChif into a Dragon Sleeper. Melissa came in and cracked Del Rey from behind and planted her with an Air-Raid Crash. MsChif followed up with the Unhallowed Grace (Lionsault) on Del Rey. Danger made the save after a two-count. MsChif put Del Rey out with the Desecrator but the referee was busy breaking up a fight between Melissa and Allison! Del Rey was totally out of it, but somehow managed to tag Danger in, just as MsChif tagged in Melissa.

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