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26 Apr 2008

Jetta vs. Daizee Haze

Shimmer Women, SHIMMER Vol. 18

Jetta was accompanied to the ring by a couple of wet dreams by the name of Rain & Lacey. Jetta fits right in with the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, because she is equally hot as she is evil. I can't believe this match was booked so earlier on the card, as it is a main event quality match-up. I guess they are still building Jetta up in the eyes of the fans. The Home Wreckers abducted Daizee's flowers before the match and Jetta rubbed them all over her arm-pits and boobs - look out eBay. Daizee responded by swiping Jetta's warm-up sweater and doing some kind of Irish jig on top of it.


<p>jetta needs to pitch the ugly pants suite in the trash and get a one piece suite and boots !!!!!! She looks like a dumpy cow in that ugly pants suite .......</p>

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