SHIMMER 21 Woman Battle Royal
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This is the opening match from Shimmer volume 19 and was a Royal Rumble-style match with thirty second intervals between entrances and every woman wrestling on the tapings participating. It was announced that the winner would be receiving a title shot in the Volume 19 main event. Normally I'm not a huge fan of battles royale, but with the thirty second intervals things were moving at such a rapid pace that it didn't have time to get boring. There was a scary elimination early, as Serena Deeb went over the top at a bad angle and seemingly landed on the ring steps. Featured the following great female wrestlers: Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey, Malia Hosaka, Rain, Nikki Roxx, Portia Perez, Jetta, Serena Deeb, Lexie Fyfe, LuFisto, Nicole Matthews, Shark Girl, Nevaeh, Ashley Lane, Cat Power and Madison Rayne.

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Excellent match!

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