2nd Annual Women's Tournament
Morgan vs. Nikki
Women's Title Tournament
Nikki vs. Amanda
Women's Title Tournament
Erica D'Erico vs. Nikki
Glitz & Glamour & Nikki vs. Shoot 2 Thrill & Davina Rose
Gym Wars 03.22.03
Chad Collyer and Cheerleader Melissa vs. Bobby Quance and Sara Del Rey
Golden Gate Invitational 2002
Bobby Quance vs. Sara Del Rey
Kristmas Kaos 2002
B-Boy, Rising Son and Cheerleader Melissa vs. Tony Kozina, Lil Cholo and Nikki
All Pro Wrestling
Cheerleader Melissa, Daniel Bryan and Joey Ryan vs. Nikki (Sara Del Rey), Jardi Frantz and JoJo Fantastico
The Ballard Brothers and Cheerleader Melissa vs. KAFU, Larry Blackwell and Sara Del Rey
Cheerleader Melissa and Larry Blackwell vs. Sara Del Rey and Robert Thompson