Gory Days 3
Chuck Taylor vs. Nate Webb
Bad Breed (Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten) & Nate Webb vs. JC Bailey, Mad Man Pondo & Toby Klein
Nate Webb vs. Sterling Keenan
8th Anniversary Show
Samoa Joe and Nate Webb and Ace Steel vs. Roderick Strong and Austin Aries and Nigel McGuinness
Roderick Strong, Arik Cannon, Petey Williams, Emil Sitoci, Nate Webb, Jimmy Jacobs (Elimination Match)
JC Bailey vs. Nate Webb vs. Sabu
Put up or Shut up 2004
Nate Webb vs. Delirious
IWA Mid South Wrestling
Nate Webb vs. Gavin Starr
Quote the Raven
Austin Aries vs. Nate Webb
Nick Mondo vs. Nate Webb
Retro Night
Nate Webb vs. CM Punk