Under Pressure vs. Rage
High Impact vs. The Bronx Bombers
Pinoy Boy and Lee Steel vs. Eric Matlock and Devon Willis
Pinoy Boy vs. Ricky Reyes
The Bronx Bombers vs. The Ballard Brothers with Cheerleader Melissa
Rage vs. Skate Devil
Pinoy Boy vs. Rage
B-Boy vs. Lee Steel
Eric Matlock vs. Devon Willis
Ricky Reyes vs. Frankie Kazarian
Pinoy Boy and Rage vs. The Bronx Bombers
Skate Devil vs. Jobe 5150
Pinoy Boy vs. Frankie Kazarian
Under Pressure, Hurricane Marquez and Dr. Boris Skullkoff vs. Keiji Sakoda, Steve King and Sun Warrior
Dick Danger and Dick Stryker vs. Cody West and Fury
Frankie Kazarian vs. B-Boy
Black Metal and Lil Cholo vs. The Genie and Ice Kid