Madison Rayne


Madison Rayne vs. Sojourner Bolt vs. Nevaeh

Match Date: 04/24/2010
Runtime: 00:12:34

Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Sara Del Rey & Amazing Kong

Match Date: 05/03/2009
Runtime: 00:12:41

The Ohio Girls vs. The Canadian Ninjas

Match Date: 05/03/2009
Runtime: 00:14:32

Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Rain & Jetta

Match Date: 05/02/2009
Runtime: 00:22:03


Shimmer Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match

Match Date: 10/19/2008
Runtime: 00:51:56

Rain and Jetta vs. Ashley Lane and Nevaeh

Match Date: 07/05/2008
Runtime: 00:17:21

SHIMMER 21 Woman Battle Royal

Match Date: 07/05/2008
Runtime: 00:16:11

Nevaeh and Ashley Lane vs. Lacey and Rain

Match Date: 04/26/2008
Runtime: 00:20:40


Alexa Thatcher vs. Ashley Lane

Match Date: 10/13/2007
Runtime: 00:08:12