Fang Suzuki


Fang and Claw vs. The Bloody and Yumi Ohka

Match Date: 01/18/2004
Runtime: 00:26:44

The Bloody and Yumi Ohka vs. Fang and Claw

Match Date: 11/24/2003
Runtime: 00:29:33


Sachie Abe and Kazuki vs. Fang Suzuki and Keiko Saito

Match Date: 12/07/2002
Runtime: 00:17:19


Sachie Abe and Fang Suzuki vs. The Bloody and Tsunami

Match Date: 07/27/2002
Runtime: 00:20:27

Fang Suzuki and Yumi Ohka vs. MARU and Emi Tojo

Match Date: 05/19/2002
Runtime: 00:13:48


Fang Suzuki vs. The Bloody

Match Date: 03/22/2002
Runtime: 00:10:04


Fang Suzuki vs. Sumie Sakai vs. Sachie Abe vs. KAZUKI

Match Date: 01/27/2002
Runtime: 00:08:20


The Bloody and Fang Suzuki vs. Rosetta and Freia

Match Date: 05/06/2001
Runtime: 00:15:42

Megumi Yabushita vs. Fang Suzuki

Match Date: 01/06/2001
Runtime: 00:16:02