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**Anthony Castellano of Newsday (NY) joined Sarah & Ari Daigen of “In This Very Ring” as regular contributors. Mase of Wrestle Talk Radio joined in to talk about the continuing NXT Invasion of RAW including the weekend “firing” of Bryan Danielson, the FCW storylines involving NXT wrestlers, their thoughts on the current Fatal 4 Way PPV being held Sunday from Long Island, NY, a recap of TNA’s Slammiversary PPV including the release of Scott Hall, Nikki Roxx and ODB, the short term storylines available to Tommy Dreamer and his possible copyright legal battle with WWE, the rumored Hulk Hogan reality show and the passing of Grizzly Smith.

**Kevin Kleinrock joined the evening to talk about his Viva La Lucha PPV series which his now available on replay through your cable or satellite provider. Kevin also reminisced about his work in Wrestling Society X and XPW.

**The interactive chat on Wild Talk Radio and Online World of Wrestling joined in with some great questions for Mr. Kleinrock and they gave their opinions on the Interactive Questions of the night: What’s the best match in TNA history & 90 days from today where is Bryan Danielson working; WWE, TNA or ROH?

** Anthony’s Steel Cage blog can be found at www.newsday.com/sports/the-steel-cage-1.811995 while Sarah & Ari’s blog can be found at http://InthisVeryRing.blogspot.com

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The show airs Tuesday nights 9pm until we run out of stuff to talk about on the Wild Talk Radio network found at www.owwradio.com and www.wildtalkradio.com .

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