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Taylor Wilde burst onto the scene and upset Awesome Kong with a Roll-up to take the Knockout Championship. After dropping the strap, Taylor would form a successful team with Sarita. They would become the very first Knockout Tag Team Champions. Taylor is this week's Wrestler of the Week.

Border City Babe

Shantelle Taylor started her wrestling career in Border City Wrestling. This was the same breeding ground for superstars like Gail Kim and Angelina Love. Taylor received her training from Border City, as well as numerous other small promotion in the central US and Canada. Taylor was raised in the Toronto area.

Taylor would expand her wrestling base to also participate in the oddly-name Blood, Sweat and Ears promotion. Taylor was a top star in BSE and in SHIMMER. In SHIMMER, Taylor battled against other current TNA stars including Ariel (Salinas) and Cheerleader Melissa (Raesha Saeed). Taylor came to the attention to scouts for Deep South Wrestling, a then-developmental territory for the WWE.

Deep South and FCW

In the Deep South promotion, Taylor continued her feud with Angel Williams aka Angelina Love. Taylor made a few appearances in dark matches with the Smackdown brand, including a run as the masked San-Eye (a pun name since the mask made her appear to have no eyes, therefore San/Without Eyes).

Taylor, along with Krissy Vaine and Angel Williams, were transferred to FCW, when WWE cut ties with DSW. Taylor was working towards a feud with Nattie Neidhart when she (Taylor) was suddenly released from her developmental contract with the organization. No reason was ever publicly stated as to why Taylor was released.

Getting Wilde

After her release from FCW, Taylor was scouted by TNA to join the organization. One of the reasons for her being considered came from recommendations from both Angelina Love and Scott D'Amore. Taylor was seated in the audience, initially, as merely a fan.

When Awesome Kong began her $25,000 Audience Challenge program, TNA brought in several indy and past wrestlers to challenge Kong. Taylor was one of the women to go against Kong. Kong defeated Taylor in their first encounter. Taylor gave Kong a monster match and came extremely close to up-ending the Knockout Juggernaut.

Taylor later attacked Kong and demanded a chance to face Kong, again. Jim Cornette, TNA General Manager, placed Taylor into a match against Kong's assistant, Raesha Saeed. The stipulation of the match was that if Taylor won, she would get another shot at Kong. The following week, Taylor won a hard-fought battle to take out her old rival (Taylor and Raesha's alter-ego, Cheerleader Melissa, had battled numerous times in the past).

Taylor was very nervous before her battle with Kong. She acknowledged that Kong wanted to injure her. Taylor, now known as Taylor Wilde, wanted to do the best she could against the mammoth Kong. Kong actually caught Taylor with the Implant Buster during their match. Kong tried, several times, to nail the Awesome Bomb, only to have Taylor escape. Kong missed with her Spinning Back Fist, which allowed Taylor to use a simple Roll-up to unseat the champion. The world was simply shocked by the win. Taylor immediately put her title on the line in a rematch against Kong at Victory Road. Kong appeared to have the match won, when Taylor surprised Kong with another simple Roll-up to retain her title.

The first ever Knockout Tag Champion

Wilde would feud with several heels in the company, including Velvet Sky and Angel Williams (Angelina Love). Wilde would eventually lose her title back to the woman she won it from, Kong. Kong's handler, Raisha Saeed, played a huge part in costing Taylor the strap. Wilde would then get lost in the shuffle, feuding with just about everyone, while being kept from the Knockout title.

When TNA decided to create the Knockout Tag Team titles, a tournament was held. Velvet Sky and her new Beautiful People partner, Madison Rayne, made it to the finals where they faced Wilde and her new partner, Sarita. Sarita and Wilde would become the very first Knockout Tag Team Champions. Lightning would strike Wilde twice, as Kong (along with Hamada) would end their reign as the inaugural champions. Kong and Hamada would eventually be stripped of the belts for not defending in a 30-day span. Wilde and Sarita would participate in a Triple Threat Match that also included Sky and Rayne (Beautiful People) and Tara and Angelina Love. Sky and Rayne would take the match, after interference by Daffney. Wilde and Sarita are posed to try and regain their belts.

In Conclusion:

Shantelle/Taylor Wilde has had runs in the WWE and TNA. She upset the unstoppable Kong to end Kong's first TNA World title reign. Wilde also became one-half of the very first Knockout Tag Team champions. She has overcome hurdles that she was never expected to surpass. Her future in the crumbling Knockout division is somewhat uncertain.

There are several great clips of the lovely blonde in action at Those are available for download so that you have the chance to watch the Canadian Cutie whenever you want. There are also tons of photos and more in-depth biographical info on her at Peace --Jay Shannon